Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reading Challenges for 2014

I am trying something different for 2014.  Instead of joining challenges and finding books that would fit with those challenges from my TBR pile, I decided to select 52 books from my TBR stack that I REALLY want to read, and select my challenge(s) from that listing.  These will be the Reading Challenges I plan to participate in:

The ever-popular and completely eclectic yearly TBR challenge from Bookish.

I selected the "Sweet Summer Fling" level of 31-40 books, even though I average 75 books a year, because I can always move up a level later in the year.

Why stress myself right out of the gate?

Cozy mysteries are a particular favorite genre of mine and each year I participate in the "Reading through the Cozies" challenge which, this year is hosted at Goodreads.

Super Sleuth level of 13+ cozy mysteries, which comes to about one a month.

A few months ago I renewed my Audible membership at a fantastic price for 6 months.  This has also entitled me to purchase some of their "Daily Deals" which are audio books usually for less than $5.  Considering I already have 5 audiobooks in a TBR pile, I might as well join this challenge, hosted by Hot Listens.

I've selected the Stenographer (can listen while multi-tasking) level of 10-15 audiobooks.

I am VERY excited about this challenge! FINALLY - a challenge that allows me to incorporate all the Astrology - Shamanic - New Age books I love to read!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Riedel Fascination for hosting this challenge!

Shooting for "The Soul" level of 31-40 books!

Another challenge I participate in regularly is The Chunkster Challenge.  A chunkster is defined as a book with at least 450 pages.  This year, though, there aren't any levels.  At the present time I have 6 books that are chunksters in my 2014 pile, not counting audiobooks, which are allowed for the first time in the challenge.

I'm going to play it safe and say I will read 8 chunkstes in 2014.  I read 13 chunksters in 2013, but no, I am not doing 14 in 2014!

For fun, I decided to join Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf's Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge.  I

At the Maiden level of 6-10 books.  I like supernatural books, but finding specific ones with witches or witchcraft might pose a challenge. 

6 challenges in total - enough for one person to keep track of!


  1. You're welcome! Thank you Trish for the most enthusiastic, rewarding post I've ever seen! It's Carolyn of 'RIEDEL Fascination', ecstatic you understand my desire to offer a spiritual or mystical option missing in other 'paranormal' groups. I wanted a place to gather the unseen wonders of life, without the made-up 'supernatural' zombies / werewolves / vampires. Whether we read about spirits, healing, psychic ability, witches, miracles, angels - real or fiction - we've never seen religion AND paranormal in one place. Bring it! :) God bless everyone in 2014.

  2. Hey Trish,

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