Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reading Challenges for 2014

I am trying something different for 2014.  Instead of joining challenges and finding books that would fit with those challenges from my TBR pile, I decided to select 52 books from my TBR stack that I REALLY want to read, and select my challenge(s) from that listing.  These will be the Reading Challenges I plan to participate in:

The ever-popular and completely eclectic yearly TBR challenge from Bookish.

I selected the "Sweet Summer Fling" level of 31-40 books, even though I average 75 books a year, because I can always move up a level later in the year.

Why stress myself right out of the gate?

Cozy mysteries are a particular favorite genre of mine and each year I participate in the "Reading through the Cozies" challenge which, this year is hosted at Goodreads.

Super Sleuth level of 13+ cozy mysteries, which comes to about one a month.

A few months ago I renewed my Audible membership at a fantastic price for 6 months.  This has also entitled me to purchase some of their "Daily Deals" which are audio books usually for less than $5.  Considering I already have 5 audiobooks in a TBR pile, I might as well join this challenge, hosted by Hot Listens.

I've selected the Stenographer (can listen while multi-tasking) level of 10-15 audiobooks.

I am VERY excited about this challenge! FINALLY - a challenge that allows me to incorporate all the Astrology - Shamanic - New Age books I love to read!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Riedel Fascination for hosting this challenge!

Shooting for "The Soul" level of 31-40 books!

Another challenge I participate in regularly is The Chunkster Challenge.  A chunkster is defined as a book with at least 450 pages.  This year, though, there aren't any levels.  At the present time I have 6 books that are chunksters in my 2014 pile, not counting audiobooks, which are allowed for the first time in the challenge.

I'm going to play it safe and say I will read 8 chunkstes in 2014.  I read 13 chunksters in 2013, but no, I am not doing 14 in 2014!

For fun, I decided to join Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf's Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge.  I

At the Maiden level of 6-10 books.  I like supernatural books, but finding specific ones with witches or witchcraft might pose a challenge. 

6 challenges in total - enough for one person to keep track of!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014 Reading

Fallen down on a lot of my challenges - except for the one where I plan to read 52 books each year.  I've been keeping that one consistently for decades now.  Stay tuned. I will soon post my 2014 reading goals!