Saturday, March 21, 2009

Insanity is Contagious

Beware of visiting Reading Challenges blogs. If you love books as much as I do, it will be difficult to resist joining the many wonderful challenges out there. There are quite a few that are (or can be) overlapping and this just fuels the fire to join yet another.

So beware.

I sought these challenges because while I stopped reading for pleasure nearly a year ago, I didn't stop buying. I now have a great glut of books and I'm challenging myself to read them or pass them on. I've kept books around FOREVER hoping to one day get around to them but, alas, I always manage to buy faster than I can read, even when I try to not buy so much.

I have joined several challenges and I plan fulfill these challenges with books I already own and I will try, when possible, to make at least two books unique to each challenge, except for general, non-themed challenges such as RYOB, TBR Lite & Spring Reading Thing and themed challenges that require four or less books. I've spent a good part of today going through my books and choosing which ones to tackle first.

The first list I have posted, appropriately so, is the 1st in Series Challenge. I have so many of these books around it just isn't funny. Unique to this challenge will be Furies of Calderon and Storm Front, both by Jim Butcher and The Brass Bed by Jennifer Stevenson.

The second list is It's The End of the World II Challenge. I love a good disaster flick or book. Unique to this challenge are three out of the four books required. I'm only sharing Event by David Lynn Golemon with the 1st in Series Challenge.

The third list posted is Mystery Reader Café. This challenge requires four books with very peculiar requirements:
1. Read a mystery with the word "murder" in the title
2. Read a mystery set in your region
3. Read a mystery that has been on your shelf for at least a year
4. Read a mystery from a "new to you" author
Because of these requirements, none of the books chosen is unique to the challenge.

The last list for today is the Cozy Mystery Challenge. This genre has always been my favorite. Unique to this challenge is Once Bitten by Laurien Berenson and Just Murdered by Elaine Viets.

That's it for today. I'll do more tomorrow and hopefully, at some point, I'll start reading